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Thursday, September 29, 2005

To our beloved fans: maybe this will stop your damn whining

3:01 PM

We know there has been a bit of an undue delay since the last draft. We sincerely apologize that some of us have certain more pressing demands on our time, such as contributing to society in any meaningful way. We know you are waiting on tenterhooks, whatever those are, to criticize the next topic, berate our picks, and hurl vicious invective at our commentary. And we feel bad that we have let you down, because, as we all remember from high school, NOTHING is more important than the approval of one’s peers.

So, to appease your increasingly alarming complaints, we have redesigned the site! And by “we,” I mean “Adam’s friend Darren.” (Thanks, Adam’s friend Darren!) We hope this sexy new look will give “brand” Fantasy Drafts better and make the posts easier to read.

And lest you think we’ve forgotten about your favorite activity, there are lots of new features/problems about which you can obnoxiously nitpick. Here’s a list to help you get started!
-no “contributors” list with links to blogger home pages
-no demarcation of the day each post was made – just the time
-no way to link to individual posts

We know you’re disappointed that we haven’t done a new draft, but we hope this can appease some of your murderous anger, as well as giving you a convenient new outlet for your bitch-and-moan pleasure now that the “why no new drafts?” angle is getting – let’s face it – a little old. This way you won’t have to redirect your rage into writing crackpot letters to politicians or whatever it is you people do in your spare time.

You’re welcome.


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Blogger Red Baroness said...

I, for one, will stop whining for at least a few days. Also, always glad to have the robots on our side. Without them, we would have about half as many comments, the only quantifiable validation of what we do.

10:14 PM  
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Blogger Selfish Country Music Loving Lady said...

Hey, Robot Commenter, someone's totally threatening your turf here ...are you going to stand for that??

2:34 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, so the new format is great. Darren is great. You're all great, and way, WAY above average. You can be anything you want when you grow up. Mommy and Daddy will ALWAYS love you, no matter WHAT you choose to do. OF COURSE you can turn in that paper late, no problemo! And have a double caf part-skim latte Grande on me, while you're at it.


12:25 PM  
Blogger Flash in the Pan said...

aww, we're nitwits. actually, the more i think of it, yeah, we are. i guess its better than being spitoons, or chamberpots. man would being one of those things suck. especially a spitoon, but especially being a chamberpot.

12:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous (one) said...

HAHA NITWITS, man you guys are lame and boring. I cant wait to see the awful draft you do next. Something stupid i bet, even though there is a wealth of bonfide, wonderful drafting subjects

11:56 AM  

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