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Friday, July 15, 2005

50 States Draft - Round 1

1:52 PM
Round 1 Results from the 50 States Draft:

Sarah - New York
Sydney - California
Albert - Hawaii
Dan - Massachusetts
Bryan - Nevada
Chris - Texas
Adam - Alaska

Expert Analysis:
Sarah started the draft off strong, going with one of the two front running states. I think the fact that she lives in New York City must have influenced this selection. That left California as the only possible choice for Sydney in the 2 slot. In this case the swelling budget deficit and rampant populist politics are offset by the advantages of two major metropoli and the state's proximity to cheap Mexican pharmaceuticals.

Albert, left with myriad options, chose Hawaii, a fast riser in the pre draft camps. He opted for the 50th state over more established locales that, you know, actually contribute to the well being of the country. Dan went in the opposite direction, eschewing the sunshine of Albert's selection in favor of the depressing cold of Massachusetts. This choice was, no doubt, influenced by the recent World Series triumph of the Red Sox - which still doesn't make up for 86 years of incompetence.

Bryan, always a maverick, selected Nevada and was quoted as hoping "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." This pick could have resulted from Bryan's desire to recoup some of the tax revenue that he contributed to through his enormous gambling losses. Chris chose Texas, a pick that signals two things: 1) he has some serious size issues and 2) his deep, undying love of the the President is beginning to shine through.

Adam wrapped up Rd. 1 by selecting Alaska which is a good pick if you're into that huge coastline/no sunshine during the winter thing. Will this turn out to be Adam's Folly? Stay tuned.


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