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Friday, July 15, 2005

50 States Draft - Round 2

2:05 PM
Adam - North Carolina
Chris - Illinois
Bryan - New Jersey
Dan - Georgia
Albert - Florida
Sydney - Oregon
Sarah - Vermont

Expert Analysis:
Adam went in a completely different direction with his second consecutive pick. He decided to head east and chose North Carolina, citing "the banks" as his deciding factor. Chris headed to the population well again and chose Illinois. His states now give him two of the four largest cities in the nation.

Bryan continued his obsession with gambling and drafted New Jersey. This is quite a stretch as he may have been able to draft the state affectionately referred to as "New York's Toilet Bowl" in a later round. Dan looked to the dirty dirty to pick the Peach State off the tree. No word on whether his love of ineffective 1970s presidency had an effect on his choice.

Note to Albert: you cannot retire for at least 30 more years. That public service announcement comes on the heels of his selection of Florida, which goes nicely with Hawaii. He attempted to sell off the panhandle, but nobody was stupid enough to take it. Sydney chose Oregon to continue her march up the coast. Depending on what Sarah does, the redhead could control the entire Left Coast, something not even the Democrats can do!

Sarah chose Vermont, most noted for its coat factory and a lake named after some Frenchman whose name most people cannot pronounce. This is a stretch, but if you fall in love with a place it is best to take it early on.


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