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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Wars Draft - Results

1:03 PM

A fantasy draft of wars: a great way, we thought, to address our mutual, barely suppressed rage and hostility toward one another. Commentary forthcoming from someone smarter than I am.

Round 1 -- Wars we've all heard of
Albert: World War II
Sarah: Revolutionary War
Adam: U.S. Civil War
Dan: French Revolution
Chris: Cold War

Round 2 -- Some of us start to show off
Chris: French Wars of Religion
Dan: World War I
Adam: Russian Civil War
Sarah: Boer War
Albert: Wars of Alexander the Great

Round 3 -- Lots of wars with numbers
Albert: War of 1812
Sarah: Punic Wars
Adam: Thirty Years’ War
Dan: Napoleonic Wars
Chris: Hundred Years’ War

Round 4 -- Jeopardy!-style potpourri
Chris: Vietnam War
Dan: War of Spanish Succession
Adam: Chinese Civil War
Sarah: Hukbalahap Rebellion
Albert: Seven Years’ War

Round 5 -- We pick wars with funny-sounding names
Albert: Russo-Japanese War
Sarah: Mau Mau Uprising
Adam: Sino-Japanese War
Dan: War of the Roses
Chris: Franco-Prussian War

Round 6 -- Semantics arguments here
Chris: English Civil War
Dan: Peloponnesian War
Adam: Taiping Rebellion
Sarah: Soccer War
Albert: Balkan Wars

Round 7 -- We're just making these up at this point
Albert: Norman Conquests
Sarah: First Schleswig-Holstein War
Adam: Spanish Civil War
Dan: Trojan War
Chris: Wars of the Schmalkaldic League

Round 8 -- The only round in which they all have "war" in the title
Chris: Schleswig War
Dan: Six Days’ War
Adam: Falklands War
Sarah: Gurkha War
Albert: Mexican-American War


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