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Friday, July 15, 2005

50 States Draft - Rounds 3 and 4

2:16 PM
Round 3:
Sarah - Maine
Sydney - Washington
Albert - Louisiana
Dan - Colorado
Bryan - Washington, DC
Chris - Pennsylvania
Adam - New Hampshire

Round 4:
Adam - Virginia
Chris - Tennessee
Bryan - Iowa
Dan - Maryland
Albert - South Carolina
Sydney - Kentucky
Sarah - Montana

Expert Analysis:
Sarah continued her assault on the northern states in the next two rounds, again proving her hatred of all things south of New York City. Sydney managed to get a firm grip on the west coast and then moved inland to Kentucky, no word whether this choice was made because of Big Bone Lick State Park in the Northern part of the state. (Thnx to tractor chic for the tip-off about this one...just don't know how to handle a big bone)

Albert is excited about his selection of Louisiana because of Mardi Gras, but I don't think he realizes that you need to be a certain height to catch beads. Its tough to get anything thrown from a parade when 12-year-olds tower over you. Dan is dotting the landscape in choosing Colorado and Maryland, both solid middle round selections. Dan is the second person to take his home state.

Bryan heard about some baseball field and thus selected Iowa. He then infuriated Albert by taking the other primo retirement community in the 5th round by taking Arizona. A big fan of history, Chris took 2 states full of it in Pennsylvania and Tennessee. Psychologists think that Chris, like the inhabitants of these states, desires to obscure his redneck leanings by pretending to have a bit of culture.

Adam felt that New Hampshire's motto was akin to one of his most beloved rap artist's lyrics and so chose the state at the end of round 3. Citing a desire to add more racecar tracks to his stockpile, Adam picked up Virginia in the 4th round.


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