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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Saturdays Are For Overachievers

8:58 PM
What would a graded Fantasy Drafts site be without a report card? The end of August marks the completion of six graded fantasy drafts, with a total of seven unique participants. (Justin, feeling frisky enough to give marks of D+ and D- to Dan and Adam in the Tourist Sites draft, has yet to grace an actual draft in progress with his presence.)

That said, we bring back an element of our quickly-fading youth, the Gonzaga College High School QPA. The QPA was a bonus for taking more classes than required. So too with the Fantasy Drafts QPA - i.e. the GPA of each drafter is adjusted to reflect their level of participation. The number of drafts participated in is divided by the average number of drafts per contestant (currently 5), and multiplied by the drafter's GPA.

Thus, we are ready to unveil the FIRST EVER
Fantasy Drafts Leaderboard:
1. Chris (QPA: 3.88; GPA: 3.23)
2. Adam (QPA: 3.74; GPA: 3.12)
Albert (QPA: 3.60; GPA: 3.00)
Dan (QPA: 2.46; GPA: 3.08)
5. Sydney
(QPA: 2.34; GPA: 2.34)
6. Bryan
(QPA: 2.08; GPA: 2.60)
7. Sarah (QPA: 1.97; GPA: 2.47)

A clear separation is seen between 3rd and 4th place, as draft-hungry Albert (6 drafts) used the system to his advantage. Despite having a better GPA, Dan (4 drafts) was leapfrogged, and Sydney (5) found herself ahead of Bryan and Sarah (4 drafts each) for similar reasons. Chris and Adam (6 apiece) avoided that fate by showing up each. and. every. day.

Stay tuned - not because this is particularly important, but because it is completely and utterly ridiculous.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How Great is Real Genuis staring Val Kilmer, man that movie rocks

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok another question, what does "real Genuis" have to do with the Sneaker Pimps?

12:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Shue - two words -

9:33 AM  
Blogger Flash in the Pan said...

Nerds. all of us. huge, hideous nerds. Especially Adam.

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

THE SAINT, c'mon people

10:40 AM  

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