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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Wha' Happened?

5:36 PM

In a coke-fueled stupor, you may have recently asked yourself, "What's the deal with Fantasy Drafts? All that wonderful commentary is all over the place or missing now!"

First, may we suggest you ask yourself why you were reading Fantasy Drafts in the first place. Go ahead, ask yourself. Good? Done? Good.

Now, let me explain. Baby, please let me explain. It's not what you think.

The team of incredibly erudite, four-eyed, and pimply-faced writers over here at Fantasy Drafts has finally been roused from our own coke-fueled stupor, and brought some semblance of order to this crazy, crazy world. Or at least to our blog.

For ease of reading, we've changed the dates on old posts, ensuring that commentary immediately follows the results of a draft, instead of being all funky-like and disorganized. Two final thoughts on this radical act:

1. We hope it'll be a lot easier for readers to flip back and forth between results and commentary.
2. We really really hope that messing with the dates of the posts hasn't totally fucked up the entire space-time continuum.

Hired Hand, out.


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