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Sunday, November 06, 2005

TV Sitcom Commentary

3:53 PM

Chris’ Picks

I Love Lucy
All In The Family
Gilligan’s Island
Happy Days
Mork & Mindy
Fawlty Towers

We had an interesting start to this week’s draft as Chris decided to snub Seinfeld and take I Love Lucy in the first round. It turned out not only to be a bold pick, but a trend setting one, as The Honeymooners and other TV Land vets started to go early. In Round 2, Chris takes the 70’s classic starring America’s favorite bigot, Archie Bunker. So while I probably wouldn’t sit Archie and Ricky Ricardo in a room together, they do make for a TV sitcom powerhouse. I was a little surprised with Friends in the third round, considering his first two picks; but it’s hard to argue with the sitcom that essentially gave birth to “Must See TV”. I mean come on, it’s MUST see. Chris’ fourth round pick hit a soft spot, what with Bob Denver dying only 2 months ago. Yes, the plot was totally ludicrous; and they did seem to pack a LOT of stuff for what was only supposed to be a three-hour tour. But for 4 years, and endless decades of syndication, Gilligan’s Island cemented its spot in the Sitcom Hall of Fame (note: I made this Hall of Fame up). Moving on, Mork & Mindy in the 6th is one of the best, if not the best pick in the draft. Closing strongly with Fawlty Towers and the successful Cheer’s spin-off, Frasier, an all around solid draft. Go Chris.
Grade: A-

Sydney’s Picks

Saved By The Bell
Family Guy
Get Smart
Golden Girls
Reno 911
Sports Night
Diff’rent Strokes

Now we all know that the people who read this blog really only come for one thing: Sydney’s Draft. Will it be inspired? Probably not. But a mere there months ago, there were talks of her being a dark horse candidate for the Drafter of the Year Award (note: I made this award up). Sydney, again looked promising to begin this draft as she managed to grab arguably the best sitcom of all-time, Seinfeld, as the 3rd overall pick. Proving a hard pick to follow, Sydney took Saved By the Bell (a little early in my opinion). But don’t worry, there will be plenty of time to get into some of Sydney’s more questionable selections. Another arguably early pick, Family Guy, was Squid’s next acquisition. But no need to fear (yet), her 4th round pick of Get Smart is one of my favorites of the draft, and one I myself admittedly overlooked. So to recap (and give myself time to mentally prepare for Sydney’s 2nd half draft), with Seinfeld, Get Smart, and the edgy cartoon comedy, Sydney is looking pretty good thus far. But then…something happened. Maybe happy hour started a little early at Sydney’s desk, I don’t know, I really shouldn’t speculate. But, um, GOLDEN GIRLS? And in the 5th round!? I mean, what the hell, let’s draft Grace Under Fire while we’re at it! And then we can order Chinese food, go back to your place, and tune in to an All New How I Met Your Mother. Ok, sorry, I’ve collected myself. Reno 911, while mildly funny on occasion, has no place in an 8 round draft, fact. However, Sydney did her best to redeem herself, taking Sports Night with her second to last pick. Sports Night is one of the more underrated sitcoms in recent years, being canceled after only two years on the air. I’m gonna just go with “No Comment” on closing the draft out with Diff’rent Strokes and wish Sydney better luck next time.
Grade: C

Sarah’s Picks

The Honeymooners
The Wonder Years
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Freaks and Geeks
Sex and the City

Like Chris, Sarah was one of my favorite drafters this time around. Sarah stole a couple picks I had my eye on, one being The Wonder Years in the 2nd. You’d be hard up to find a funnier, wholesome family comedy. The hits just kept on comin’ for Sarah as she takes Roseanne and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in the next two rounds. I like Roseanne because it was a late 80’s trailblazer. It did what later flops, like the aforementioned Grace Under Fire, could not, namely, make you want to watch unattractive people on television. In the middle of this draft, Sarah started to pick more recent sitcoms like the short-lasting Freaks and Geeks and cult favorite, Scrubs. Two sitcoms that people either love or hate, Sarah gets lucky this draft, as this commentator loves them both. Unfortunately, Sarah loses some points with her next pick, even though some of my peers may disagree. As far as sitcoms go, I have to say Futurama should be left out of this draft. For me at least, Futurama is to The Simpsons what American Dad is to Family Guy. And our friend from Brooklyn takes Sex and the City to finish this draft out, which is cute I guess. But Carrie, Charlotte and Samantha will all tell you Sarah, Brooklyn sucks. Miranda’s an idiot. And plus, she really only moved there cause she loves Steve.
Grade: B+

Adam’s Picks

Arrested Development
The Cosby Show
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
The Andy Griffith Show
The Office (BBC)
Full House
Curb Your Enthusiasm

If our Fantasy Drafts audience (and robots) doesn’t already know, Arrested Development is a HUGE hit amongst this group of drafters. So for two reasons I’m going to be okay with AD getting a first round nod:

1. It really is the funniest, most underrated sitcom to come along in the last 10
2. Adam takes these drafts VERY seriously, and frankly, I’m scared of him.

After getting AD under his belt (there’s gotta be a better way to say that), Adam starts to collect himself quite the list of heavy-hitters. It appears that Adam simply went down TV Land’s Tuesday night line-up for his next 4 picks, essentially locking down a large chunk of the funniest sitcom classics of the 60’s and 70’s. Another one of my “Top 5 Favorite Picks” of this draft came from Adam in the 6th round with the original version of The Office. Admittedly, the American version of The Office is doing much better than what NBC attempted to do with Coupling last year. I think this is a testament to this Ricky Gervais masterpiece and is a major league addition to Adam’s draft. I like Adam’s pick of Full House, whose cheesiness is awesomely bad. And I gotta say, Curb Your Enthusiasm came out of left field in the final round but is still a sitcom worthy, in my opinion, of selection.
Grade: B+

To avoid any conflict of interest, I (Sarah) will be making a guest appearance in this commentary to commentary-ate on Bryan's draft.

Bryan 's team: The Simpsons, M*A*S*H, Cheers, Married…With Children, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Who's the Boss?, Quantum Leap, Doogie Howser, M.D.

Bryan, in a triumphant comeback (after having been too "busy" with his "job" or whatever to participate in the last few drafts), rewarded his long-suffering but ever-loyal fans with a brilliant set of picks. Aside from a serious misstep in eighth round (the less said about Doogie Howser, the better) and the shamelessly-off-topic bizarro choice of Quantum Leap, Bryan's draft really pulled down the heavy hitters. He nailed the sacred first pick with The Simpsons, arguably the best. sitcom. ever. and inspiration for a whole fantasy draft of its own. I will now take this opportunity to abuse my commentator privilege and recount one of my favorite Simpsons exchanges:

Lisa: Well, maybe you should reach out to the community and help other people.
Homer: Hmm. I could help others. I know! I'll get a bunch of monkeys, dress them up, and have them reenact the Civil War!
Lisa: Dad, that doesn't help people!
Homer: Couldn't hurt! … unless the monkeys started hurting people… which they almost certainly would.

Anyway, moving briskly along. Bryan next captured the sitcom that showed us how hilarious the Korean War was, followed by the show that taught us, at a nice impressionable age, how cool it was to hang out in bars. With total on-air time of 38 years and counting, Bryan's first three picks have dominated TV history since the 1970s and have proven hugely influential. I was never a huge fan of Married… With Children, but that's probably because I'm insufficiently mean-spirited. An important cultural touchstone, whatever that is; plus any show with a Sinatra theme song is OK by me. Dick Van Dyke? As Bryan himself noted during the draft, "watching him fall over that ottoman NEVER got old." I used to watch Who's the Boss? religiously as part of my worshipful attempt to transform myself into my older sister, and though I can't really remember most of it now and am pretty sure I'm mixing up some parts with "Mr. Belvedere," I'm convinced that it was good. After all, my older sister liked it.

Grade: A-. Bryan is not a communist. He may be a liar, a pig, an idiot, and a communist, but he is NOT a porn star.


Anonymous Mildly Mean Commenter said...

Where's Inexplicably Mean Commenter? Boy, is he an ass.

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Blogger Almost Ignatius J. said...

I think he was arrested for child pornography.

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Blogger Inexplicably Mean Commenter said...

I tried to post twice and it didnt work. Mildly mean you worthles knock off---my idea was to have a section for rediculously bad picks: golden girls, war of 1812, awuaman, etc.

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Blogger Selfish Country Music Loving Lady said...

Hey, how come IMC is becoming more popular than we are? This cannot stand!

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Let's see: I'm young, not hackneyed or annoying, new, fresh, cute, delirious (ly funny). Lets be honest i turn this up, you guys produce bland commentary after bland commentary. The last good one was superhero's, i think. It took you 1 and half weeks to do a draft then post this boring commentary. I keep it frsh, pack new insights daily.

Where's RC?


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But I’d really like your help in getting my new web log (or “blog”) started. Come and see what all the excitement is about, HERE.

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